Diversity Timeline 1750s


Academy of Philadelphia and the Charity School

Friday, January 1, 1751

The Academy of Philadelphia and the Charity School both opened on the Fourth and Arch Streets campus.

Charity School

Monday, January 1, 1753

The Trustees appointed Frances Holwell the first Mistress of Girls in the Charity School and opened the school to girls. 212 years later, during the University's Homecoming Weekend of October 1965, the Trustees dedicated Holwell House, one of the four houses in the Robert C. Hill Residence Hall, in her honor. Ms. Holwell served the School for seven years, concluding her work in 1760.

College Charter

Wednesday, January 1, 1755

The College was chartered.

Two Mohawk Indian brothers, Jonathan and Philip Gayienquitioga, attended the Academy of Philadelphia. They are the first Native Americans to attend what became the University of Pennsylvania and were joined in 1756 by another Indian, John Montour, who studied English.