New Student Orientation Video - Community

NSO Video -- Community


Speaker 1: Ben Franklin founded this university on the idea of an education for citizenship. Penn isn't just about learning, it's about learning to make a difference.

Speaker 2: Take a look around. We're all here for a reason.

Speaker 3: We're every background imaginable.

Speaker 4: We are unlimited possibilities.

Speaker 5: Take the time to get to know us. Value what we have to share.

Speaker 6: We all have something special to contribute. That's why we're here.

Speaker 7: We have so much to learn, and to learn from each other. To understand others is to understand ourselves.

Speaker 9: Questions, experiments, debates. Explore everything.

Speaker 10: Take on the biggest challenges and seek solutions.

Speaker 11: Creating a strong, healthy community means there'll be struggles and difficult times, but we forge ahead, grow, and learn together.

Speaker 12: Respect.

Speaker 13: We are the leaders of tomorrow, and the world we share and its future depends on us.

Speaker 14: Penn is an amazing opportunity, with incredibly talented people, but with that talent and opportunity comes responsibility.

Speaker 15: Our actions matter. All of our actions matter. We are the Penn community.

Speaker 16: We are the Penn community.

Speaker 17: Penn is a place where dreamers become doers.

Speaker 18: Welcome to Penn. We're glad you're here. Go make a difference.

Dr. Amy Gutmann: Every day, Penn is preparing responsible citizens and leaders to make a difference in the world by creating an environment in which inquiry and discovery can flourish. This is my challenge to each of you. Use your extraordinary talents and follow your passions to be a powerful force for good, locally and globally.