Diversity Lecture Series at Penn

You are cordially invited to this most timely and informative virtual presentation from Professor Cara McClellan, the founding director of the Director of the Advocacy for Racial and Civil Justice and Clinic and Practice Associate Professor of Law at Penn’s Carey School of Law.  Dr. McClellan will share how affirmative action benefits institutions and how the diversity it brings helps colleges and universities fulfill their educational missions.

“Twelfth Night” in 2023: Editing Gender, Sex, and Sexualit

Emma Smith on the intersection of contemporary and historical attitudes to gender and sexuality, using my current work editing Twelfth Night as the case study. I will draw on the First Folio stage directions and other textual apparatus, critical approaches to the play, and a set of questions about the obligations of editing in our contemporary moment. Is it relevant to think about editing historical texts in the contexts of social justice, or progressive politics, or does that undermine some sense of the editorial contract?

CDCS Colloquium: Asian Australians' digital identity performance on TikTok

Tisha Dejmanee is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Discipline of Digital and Social Media at the University of Technology Sydney. Her recent work examines the construction and performance of gender and race on various platforms and digital cultures. Her book monograph, titled Postfeminism, Postrace and Digital Politics in Asian American Food Blogs, was published in 2023. Her work has also been published in journals including Television & New Media; International Journal of Communication; Feminist Media Studies; and, European Journal of Cultural Studies.

Radical Acts of Justice: How Ordinary People Are Dismantling Mass Incarceration

Radical Acts of Justice tells the stories of ordinary people joining together in collective acts of resistance: paying bail for a stranger, using social media to let the public know what everyday courtroom proceedings are like, making a video about someone’s life for a criminal court judge, presenting a budget proposal to the city council.

Queer Deshi Blogging Networks: Legal Rights, Religion, and the Politics of Blog Publics in Bangladeshi LGBTQ+ Activism

Queer Deshi Blogging Networks: Legal Rights, Religion, and the Politics of Blog Publics in Bangladeshi LGBTQ+ Activism

This talk, by Mohammed Rashid, explores queer media activism in Bangladesh, firstly, through a genealogical account of LGBTQ+ community organizing within the nation-state, along with critically analyzing how adopting a Western framework of queer activism, primarily based on visibility, coming-out strategies, and pride rallies, presented itself with extreme existential challenges for gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual individuals.