Penn Compact 2022

Engaging our local, national, and global communities is central to Penn’s mission – and at the heart of the vibrant diversity that defines our campus.

Inclusion, Innovation, Impact

The Penn community extends across our neighborhood, city, and east coast region – and from there around the world.  Its diversity knows no geographical boundaries, as we are committed to the belief that we learn more from those who are different from us than from those who are just like ourselves.

Penn Compact 2022 (Archived)

Featured Diverse Initiatives

The following slideshow highlights initiatives at Penn that embrace inclusion and diversity. 

Penn Smiles bus on the street
Penn Smiles is bringing healthy smiles to children throughout the Philadelphia community.
Two African American women using laptop
Barbara and Edward Netter Center for Community Partnerships.

Through the Netter Center, the University currently engages in three types of activities: academically based community service, direct traditional service, and community development.